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Bodil Jane

Please welcome the launch of So Typical Me’s new collection of front and back covers brought to you by the Dutch illustrator Bodil Jane! Bodil’s love for collecting cute little objects shines through her patterns selected for us. We call these colourful designs the “joys of life” as they depict all the happy moments we encounter in our lives. Here you have yoga to represent a fit and healthy lifestyle, delicious juciy fruits, wildflower meadows and palm leaves symbolising faraway destinations. Which ones are your favourites? Tell us by selecting one or two of these illustrations for your front and back covers, then add all the extras you want and make something joyful!
Bodil’s lovely illustrations are now available under the category “Bodil Jane” when choosing your front and back covers.

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Bodil Jane diaries and notebooks

Bodil Jane is the Amsterdam-based illustrator who grew up with creativity all around her. She was encouraged to see the beauty and find inspiration everywhere: in collecting things at flea markets, visiting botanical gardens and various busy environments, and even in her childhood house where the walls had been covered in peach, mango, teal, aubergine and olive green colors. “When you’ve been creating things from a very young age, you just learn to see beauty all around”, says Bodil, “There’s so much to see, whether that’s 19th century patterns in Dutch style houses or a funny dog in a backpack”.

When creating, Bodil prefers working with digital platforms to capture the tiniest of details and place them in the right spot.

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