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How to best prepare yourself before an exam

When your exams are approaching it’s easy to feel stress creeping up on you. But, by exercising good time management early on you can plan your time so that you are well prepared for your next exam. As soon as you find out about an exam you can begin planning for it. No matter how […]
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Four tips to think about when planning your holiday

Finally, it’s holiday time! Time for rest and relaxation. We want these valuable weeks to flow smoothly and we want to be able to create positive memories that we can think back on during the rest of the year. Of course, we can’t predict everything but good planning will help to ensure you get the […]
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Five tips for how to plan your family activities and make all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place!

In an active family, getting the week to work can be a challenge! There are loads of things that need to be done, but by structuring your time you can create a plan that allows things to flow smoothly and stress-free. Actually, putting all the pieces together so that you can have a more harmonious […]
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Garden planner

Many of us dream about being able to pick vegetables we grow in our garden and serving them at summer dinners. Fertiliser, water and sunshine work wonders, but proper planning is actually the basis for an abundant harvest. Let the growing season begin! Define your conditionsBegin planning by thinking about how much you would like […]
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