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Graphics and Grain

We are super excited about our new project launched in collaboration with the wonderful Annabelle from Graphics and Grain! Annabelle’s works have been added to our online gallery which means that you can choose her images as front and back covers when building your custom diary or notebook! The illustrations selected for So Typical Me have an emphasis on positive messaging and inspiring phrases. They remind us to move through the world with a bit more positivity, grace, and compassion for ourselves and others. Sounds like something we might need in our busy lives, doesn’t it? If you feel like you could use some extra positivity and motivation, go for these dreamy illustrations!

You can find Annabelle’s works in our design tool under the category “Collaborations” at step 1 and 3.

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Graphics and Grain diaries and notebooks

Graphics and Grain is the name of an Instagram account and a webshop created and managed by the talented freelance artist and graphic designer Annabelle Golden.
After having graduated from university, Annabelle was looking for a new creative outlet and that’s how she got involved in a 100-day challenge. This challenge got her into the habit of making art every day and led her to develop a more cohesive style and overall passion for making and sharing art with others.

From the subject matter to the colour palettes, Annabelle finds her inspiration in the outdoors and is constantly trying to replicate the all-embracing feeling of tranquillity and happiness that nature brings her through her art. Annabelle likes for her work to be visually stimulating and appealing but to also leave the viewer with a positive mindset when they think of the piece.

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