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Illustre Mayon

We would like to introduce you to our gorgeous new collection of front and back covers featuring the zodiac signs, a creation of the talented French artist Marion Piret! Marion’s illustrations tell us of each zodiac sign’s unique and powerful qualities, and surely deserves to be on the cover of your personal notebook or diary!

Which sign represents your personality and your sense of self at its best? Passionate Leo, intuitive Cancer or maybe mysterious Scorpio? Pick a sign (or two!) that you feel a special connection to, combine it with your selected layout and extra pages to make your planner or notebook like no other. Marion’s designs are available under the category “Collaborations” when choosing your cover design. We hope that this Astro series will help you explore your inner magic!

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Illustre Mayon diaries and notebooks

Drawing has been Marion’s passion for as long as she can remember. Her childhood dream to be a digital illustrator came true during the pandemic when she started creating, greatly inspired by yoga, self-love, women, and the universe.

For So Typical Me Marion has chosen a series of zodiac signs depicted as beautiful strong women of different ethnicities where individuality and uniqueness shines through the whole collection. Each of these twelve zodiac signs is pictured as an alluring and powerful personality, glowing both inside and outside.

Marion’s work is created entirely on digital platforms and that’s where she enjoys working the most. “It's like drawing on paper but with so many possibilities, I feel like it really allowed me to explore and find my style”, shares Marion.

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