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Sophie Gamand

Discover our new collection of front and back covers brought to you by the French award-winning photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand!

Sophie’s work is focused on capturing shelter animals in beautiful photos to help them connect with adopters and find loving forever homes. These animals radiate power and dignity despite being photographed at a moment in their lives when everything is in shambles – a true testament to Sophie’s ability to bring out and highlight their sweet spirits and individuality!

Which image would you put on your diary or notebook cover? Will it be the adorable puppies Buford and Oliver or the pit bulls Topaz and Frito with their gorgeous flower crowns? Or maybe your choice falls on Dusk and Jako, the cats with a curious look in their eyes? Regardless of whether you’re a cat or a dog person, there’ll certainly be an option for you to love in this collection.

Sophie’s photos are now available under the categories “Collaborations” - “Sophie Gamand” at steps 1 and 3 in our design tool. Combine your choice with one of our numerous layouts and dive into the process of creating your personalized diary or notebook!

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Sophie Gamand diaries and notebooks

Sophie Gamand is a French fine-art photographer and animal advocate living and working in Los Angeles. When she started turning her camera lens toward shelter dogs and dogs who are “at risk” because of their proximity to humans, they became her favorite models and endless source of inspiration. Sophie describes how shelter dogs can be viewed as a prism to explore our humanity as these animals represent both the best and the worst aspects of human nature. She’s convinced that we all have a lot to learn from them if we just take a moment to pay attention.

Sophie calls herself an old-school, paper diary kind of girl. As a small business owner and artist, she’s constantly pulled in thousands of directions. With a diary or notebook at hand, she can organise her thoughts and make to-do lists to help her prioritise, stay centred and free up some mind space for creative thinking! She also loves to flip through her past diaries to remind herself of how far she’s come. Sophie’s favourite So Typical Me layout is the classical vertical one combined with some weekly to-do lists and the Emoji mood module. Will it be your favourite as well?

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