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How to best prepare yourself before an exam

When your exams are approaching it’s easy to feel stress creeping up on you. But, by exercising good time management early on you can plan your time so that you are well prepared for your next exam.

As soon as you find out about an exam you can begin planning for it. No matter how far in advance your exam is or how comprehensive, you should make a habit out of analysing your time. Even though you may have several weeks until your exam day, you might have a lot of other things planned that take up the time you might otherwise spend studying. Different exams also require different amounts of preparation. If you are unsure about how extensive the exam is, you should check with your teacher or ask to see copies of old exams as a point of reference.

To be effective you must set up clear ground rules for yourself. Plan what times you will study and don’t make any other plans during those times. If you study most effectively during the mornings, then this is the time you should set aside to study. You should preferably plan hours for studying and practice with your classmates. You can help each other out and help keep each other motivated!
But no matter how much time you spend with your books you must remember to rest and eat well! These things are the basis for being able to stay focused and keep up your concentration level over a long period of time. You can add checklists for fluid intake, nutritional intake and physical activity in your personal calendar. During intensive periods, it is especially important to prioritise rest, water and exercise.

When the big day arrives, you can feel secure knowing that you are well prepared. To reduce exam day stress levels, you should plan for the time you need to get to the exam location or if the exam is held online, you should check in advance to ensure your connection works. Ensure you have everything you need to successfully complete your exam and you won’t have to spend extra energy thinking about this.

Good luck with your exam!

Pre-exam study checklist

How much time do I have until the exam?
How extensive is the exam?
How much time do I need to spend studying each day?
Have I planned for recovery?
Do I drink enough water and eat enough nutritious food?
Do I know what I need to take with me on exam day?

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